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The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie is unique – with a with a roasting heritage that stretches back to the origins of specialty coffee in Seattle – dedicated to purchasing traditionally prepared coffees, that are directly traded & to using a time-honored style of rustic roasting.

At our heart is this famous Historic Coffee Roasterie, located where the town of Vashon originated. This charming building, built from old growth island fir over 100 years ago, is timeless with its grand front porch, dramatic high ceilings, and well-worn wooden floors.

The people are welcoming – The coffee fresh roasted.

The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie

The Vashon Island Coffee Roasterie is dedicated to illuminating the heart of coffee. Thanks for coming.

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The Birthplace of Seattle’s Best Coffee

Seattle’s Northern European light roast & traditional craft style of roasting in the Pacific Northwest region had a beginning and a birthplace.

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Our Coffee Beans

The characteristics in every cup coffee are shaped by the land, the elements, and the heart of the people all along its way.

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What makes a delicious cup of Coffee?

It takes time to get to know the heart of coffee – where it grows, and how the sun, the soil, and the stories of the people who tend to it all along its way – will ultimately influence its flavor and spirit.

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Traditions Foundation

Traditions Foundation (est. 2003) – contributes to organizations or individuals dedicated to the reclamation and restoration of indigenous cultures and the natural environment.

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Visit Us

Please join us if you have the time when you’re in the area. We are just a short and beautiful ferry ride away from Seattle, Tacoma, and the Olympic Peninsula.

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