Historic Building

Historic Roasterie

The 110+ Year Old Historic Building

The Original Seattle’s Best Coffee Roasting Facility

Rodda’s Price-Rite sold groceries, meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables in this building from 1912 to 1939

Old Fuller Store, where island farmers used to bring their strawberries to sell

Original coffee bags for Seattle’s Best, the Wet Whisker, and Stewart Brothers


One of the first coffee roasters used by Jim Stewart at pier 70 – originally use  for roasting peanuts.

Cascade Avenue, now the Vashon Highway – looking North – the upper part of the building used to construct the part where Minglement now resides.

Previously a two-story building with a dance hall upstairs, later dismantled and rebuilt after an earthquake.

Vintage coffee grinder and the roaster used by Jim on Pier 70, still operable today & used when the power goes out. Grinds nicely for a french press.

100 year old coffee roasters used to roast our organic nuts and seeds.