Coffees are listed – lightest to darkest – Seasonal coffees & Roasts of various origins will show when available.

Northern European Roast (Light Roast)

The Northern European Roast, created by Jim Stewart, is known for bringing out the best of a particular country’s coffee beans, and is a testament to his style of coffee roasting. The Northern European Roast is adjusted throughout the year to get the best results for the specific beans, lot, and the different seasons. These are, uniquely, our lighter roasts.

Medium Roast

These Medium to a “bit darker” Rustic Roast Blends are delicious! The colors are like the varied hues of The Bear’s winter coat. Rare.


Dark Roast

Rustic Dark Roasts will remind you of the cleansing smoke offering of a sacred fire. Take time to reflect upon the coming day and enjoy. Widely known as Italian and French Roasts.


Seasonal Coffees

Check here for seasonal and specialty coffees as they become available.