What makes a delicious cup of coffee?

The descriptors are many: Hints of caramel, chocolate and wine…Undertones of nuts, figs, papaya: .  Hyper Marketing, specialty labeling, branding and fancy descriptors have never captured the whole and living narrative of all that is coffee. Its complicated and, like any relationship it takes time to get to know the true heart of coffee and heart of the people along its way that will ultimately, effect its true flavor.

We enjoyed one of the best cups of coffee ever, after dinner with friends one day last summer.  It was their interpretation of “cowboy coffee” with out the campfire, the stars or dusty roads. They brought out an old pan from their cupboard – added water & our coffee – bringing the water to just below the boiling point – and after steeping for a about 5 minutes, dropped an ice cube in it to sink the coffee grounds at just the right time. Simple, perfect, delicious.  Few memories can compare to that most wonderful cup of coffee that day – with friends.

Keep things simple, use less of the Earth’s resources use what you have and make coffee how you like to make it & enjoy.   We think that YOU are the true expert of the coffee you choose to brew and, how.



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