Light to Medium Honey Post-Roast Blend

New – Blend of beautifully fermented beans. Light, crisp, and refreshing – with a buzz of wild honey infused with the scent of cypress. An unusually heavy rainy season washed out a mountain hillside, dammed up the river, washed out the roads and Finca’s buildings sat upon a cliff. Undaunted by this event, Luz Marina (a third generation Colombian coffee grower) rebuilt the roads, cleared the boulder from the river, and renewed her farm. In the coming days, when the rains ceased and the weather cleared, the hillside would reveal a silhouette of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And, the area below quickly became a sign of hope for the people and a place of pilgrimage. The Forest is slowly reclaiming the hillside now but the image will be remembered for generations. A very special coffee.