• Decaf Divine


    Medium Rustic Roast

    Delicious and smooth in flavor with no bitters and low in acidity.
  • Rainier Rising


    Rustic Aegean Roast

    This roast profile was created with Mount Rainier (Ti’Swaq) in mind. Ti’Swaq’ is the name given by the region's First People in an effort to restore one of its original names used by the local tribes. Its name means “The Sky, the Sky wiper. It touches the Sky.” Its flavor is unusual with hints of cedar and fig with a medium body and a complex nature. Ancient.© This majestic and sacred mountain is also known to the local indigenous people as “Tahoma.” Learn more from Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest, myths of the Mountains.  
  • Orca Blend


    Rustic Medium to Dark Post-Roast Blend

    Complex, Earthy, and well balanced. A mysterious deep blend with harmonious overtones created in tribute to the Killer Whale. Inspired by a dream in which the whales came to Eva with a plea to help them survive.
  • Espresso Ecstasy


    Rustic Medium Roast

    An aphrodisiac, chocolaty, and rich. Full-bodied. We created this blend for use in our own coffeehouse cafe.
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